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Filmmaking from A to Z

At the Prague Film Institute you can not only study classical filmmaking, but also production and post-production or game design. Do you love films and would like to know how they are made? Come learn from the best. The teachers at Prague Film Institute have a lot of great films under their belts and they are great teachers as well.

During the standard semestral study we will progressively go through individual subject areas:

  • How to correctly write or choose a film outline and then prepare the script.
  • Sound is an inseparable part of a film and affects the atmosphere of individual scenes.
  • How to get everything recorded and what to look out for so that you don’t have to repeat the takes all over again.
  • Editing camera takes.
  • This needs no description, it’s simply leading the whole film crew the actors and the preparation of the scenes.
  • You can use animation for the finishing touches so that the final impression is perfect.
  • The film shooting itself – from the idea to the finished movie.

There is a lot of activities related to this, of course. You will try everything yourselves in exquisitely outfitted studios that are at your disposal during the length of your studies. We emphasize the importance of practical examples and exercises at our film school as these help you to acquire new skills faster and better.

Learn more at www.praguefilminstitute.cz. If you have a question or need to have something clarified please feel free to contact the Student Administration Office.

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