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For a weekend in Prague?

Finally, after a long time, I have a free weekend. And I wonder where to go. In Paris, London, Rome, I have already been in the vast majority of European capitals. I aim my eyes on the map aimlessly and my eyes rest in Prague. I haven’t been there yet. I quickly booked the tickets and the hotel. And then I will start searching on Google, what places to visit in Prague, what are the top attractions in Prague, what are the most important Prague sights. Within half an hour I have a relatively busy schedule. I definitely can not manage this during one weekend, I just do not want to chase the monuments, I also want to enjoy a nice evening with my wife in a nice restaurant and soak up the atmosphere of Prague. I quickly sort it out and cut it down until my top 10 things to do in Prague remained. Those are top things I would like to visit unconditionally.

1.       Prague Castle. If I went to Prague and did not visit the Prague Castle, I would be a little cultural barbarian. 2.       Charles Bridge, which is a beautiful and distinct dominant of the city. 3.       Old Town Square. From Prague Castle I will take it across the Charles Bridge to the square.  4.       Old Town Astronomical Clock. I’ll have coffee in Old Town Square and wait for the whole hour for the apostles‘ procession on astronomical hours. 5.       The Jewish City. The war has been relatively recent and many people forget. But I’m sure I’m not going to miss the place that’s breathing on me with history. 6.       Cyril and Methodius. National memorial of heroes of heydrichiade. Again, the Second World War. 7.       Agnes monastery, where there is a permanent exhibition of contemporary art under the auspices of the National Gallery 8.       National Gallery with Modern Art 9.       Troja Chateau and 10th Prague Zoo. A guided tour of the castle and its gardens can be enjoyed by a pleasant walk through the world-famous zoo.

So everything is ready. I’m going to get to know my dear with my plan and I’ll hope they will come with me 😊

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